Focus Features regularly needs a hand with digital art direction for their promotional items and activations. I'm a jack-of-all-trades in this role, working as a digital art director, strategist, and producer across a myriad of projects that promote the company's feature films. 


Film: Loving


Above: Billboard design for film promotion.


Right/Below: HTML Email campaign and sharable imagery to promote Loving Day, the celebration of the Supreme Court's ruling to allow interracial marriage.


Far Below: Landing page designed as URL destination for email blast; users are encouraged to share one of the images on the page to promote Loving Day via social networks.


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all love
love is love
loving email

Film: The Forest

Below: I created a series of about 500 custom viewmasters (yeah, that kind!) for influencers across the country. The viewmaster included 7 stills lifted from the movie, as well as a personalized image of each influencer in front of the ghost from the film, as if they are experiencing the horror themselves through the viewmaster.

Right: a window cling I designed based around the movie's promo poster.

the forest